11 September 2009

Zurich on ... a lot of money a day

Lee: Maybe I can do a post about what you can get in Zurich for $5 a day now.

Doug: Nothing?

Lee: Absolutely fucking nothing. They would give you a haughty Franco-German laugh, in whatever language they speak here. They'd laugh at you in three languages, all of them official.

Seriously, Zurich: $6 for a Carlsburg? $15 for a Manhattan? (That's right, we drink classy drinks. We're classy men. Citizens of the world and all.)

* * *

Special bonus quote from Lee, as he's preparing for bed:
L: Aw, sweet!

D: What?

L: Want a free stay in this hotel?

D: Sure.

L: Here, drink from this glass. It's got a chip in the rim. Drink right here. [Points to chip.]

D: Um . . .

L: You can sue them. You'll be able to stay free whenever you want. That's the only way you could afford to stay here.

D: Um . . .

L: It's the American way: affordability through litigation. It might be the only way we get out of here without going bankrupt.

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