01 September 2009


Okay, a bit of shameless self-promotion/begging.

I just found out that I'm a semi-finalist in the Trazzler.com writing contest for a short piece I wrote about Waterfall Garden Park in Seattle. You can read it here. You can spread the word by passing around this nice, tidy, shortened link (goes to the same place): http://bit.ly/3AhlRH

. . . And, of course, you can vote for me. That would be very much appreciated. The catch is that you'll have to sign up for their site. (Sorry! But they don't seem to be evil--I don't think they'll sell your address or spam you. So that's good, right?)

To sign up, go here: http://www.trazzler.com/signup. If you're on Facebook, it's simple--they'll let you sign up with your Facebook account (via that same link). Otherwise, you can just sign up for the Trazzler site.

To vote for me: Once you're in their system, go back to my piece (again, it's here) and click "add to wishlist" (below the photo).

And what do I get if I win? $10,000 to go to New York and write about it. Wouldn't you love to read my comments on the Big Apple? You would. I promise, you would. (And I'd love to start earning a living with writing, which would allow me to entertain you with even more bon mots and insights. Everybody wins!)

So, to recap. Go here to read the piece and "wishlist" it. Go here to set up an account. Simple. (Not simple? E-mail me with questions: doug@douglasmack.net.) Voting runs through September 14, 8:00 p.m. EDT. You can only vote once per account.

Also, if you live in Seattle (ahem) and want to tell all your Seattle friends to promote your fair city by spreading the word about this awesome article, I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce would love you and give you a key to the town. I, at least, would love you.

Thank you! Apologies for the interruption and self-promotion. Normal Europe-related programming will resume shortly.

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