23 September 2009

Greatest hits

I know you're busy.

I know I write long posts that sometimes take the scenic route to get to the point (but there always is one!).

And I know, or at least strongly suspect, that there are some new readers out there who don't really want to slog through everything, who'd prefer to skip to the good stuff.

I'd rather have you read a few full posts than skim them all.

So to make your life easier, dear impatient reader, I'm adding to the sidebar a list of my favorite posts, the "keepers" that I think are particularly insightful, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy.

Obviously, start with the FAQ
Getting sloshed with celebrities
Anne Frank House (Amsterdam)
Berlin's split personality
The frustrations of European trains
How tourism will save the world (sort of)
Discovering the path no longer beaten in Munich
On becoming a more confident traveler
Going native in the tourist culture
Willful ignorance: the next hot travel trend?
... And finally, be sure to visit the gallery of Not-So-Flattering Views of Famous Landmarks

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