06 August 2009

Random quote of the day

From the Berlin chapter of Europe on Five Dollars a Day:

You should not, under any circumstances, miss The Resi, Hasenheide 32, the famous Berlin nightspot where telephones and pneumatic message tubes connect each of the 200 tables in its cavernous ballroom. Women outnumber males here by three to one. If you're even only slightly better looking than Yogi Berra, you'll no sooner sit down than the tubes will go pow! pow! pow! carrying messages from the scores of Berlin femmes who spotted you the moment you entered.


  1. Dude, let's go there!

    No doubt in the last forty years the ratio has completely flipped. If the place still exists, of course, which I'm sure it doesn't.

    Still, "Berlin femmes!" Hot.

  2. Oh, Lee, not to worry. We're going. If it's closed, I will be heartbroken.


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