31 August 2009

Fun with out-of-context quotes

The scene:
Doug and Lee have just arrived at the Museumplein in Amsterdam after biking around the city and into the suburbs, which the tour guide promised would be filled with cows and windmills but were totally bleak and industrial and un-bucolic. Lee lies down on an expanse of grass, the first we have seen in the city. He looks fatigued but content. The park bustles in a most agreeably Old World manner.

Lee: This is why I came to Europe: to lie in the grass here.

Doug: You came all the way to Amsterdam to lie in the grass?

Lee: Yes. It's nice grass.

Doug: I'm quoting you on that. "Duuuude, the grass in Amsterdam is really nice. Primo stuff, this grass."

Lee: That's not what I said. You, sir, are completely distorting what I said.

Doug: Correct.

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