11 August 2009

Confessions of a non-TV-watcher

So last night, the Travel Channel debuted a new show called "Confessions of a Travel Writer." On its surface, it sounds pretty interesting: a reality show about the travails of the travel writing life. Best of all, at least for those of us who try to make a living writing about travel, it ostensibly shows how this job is not exactly as easy or glamorous as it might seem--the job description is not just "sit on a beach drinking daiquiris, waiting for a call from the editor of Conde Nast Traveler, who will then pay you to go to another beach and drink more daiquiris, then write about it in a bon mot-filled essay that you drunkenly dash off a week after the deadline."

I mean, yeah, most days it's like that. But not, like, every day, okay? Some days I drink Mai Tais on mountaintops instead.

But the show. I did not see it, due to lack of a TV and abundance of preparation needed for a certain little trip. (Nine days left! Oy.) I figured that if the show were any good, I'd have ample opportunities to see later versions; pilots always kinda suck anyway.

... This one, apparently, more than most. The reaction from around the net was almost uniformly negative (a round-up is here); the commenters on the World Hum interview with the show's host, Charles Runnette, were particularly scathing, with most calling out Runnette himself for being narcissistic, whiny, and generally annoying.

Pass your own judgment during the re-run, this Sunday (August 16th) on the Travel Channel. Me, I'll be packing. And drinking daiquiris.

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