30 March 2014

Tourist Trap Tournament: Cities & Squares & Markets, Round 2

Sure, the Tourist Trap Tournament proceeds at a slower pace than its basketball-centric imitator, but travel just plain takes longer than tossing a plaything around little ol' room. In any case, Round 2 has just finished up, and here's where things stand, with recaps from the Cities & Squares & Markets Regional below.

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Great Wall of China v Piazza San Marco
Mascots: Earth Dragons v Gondoliers

The Earth Dragons have had their ups and downs, but their talent stretches clear to the horizon—and it doesn’t hurt that they’ve recently acquired a famous fan in First Lady Michelle Obama. If only they could get over their tendency to put up bricks over and over again, as they did on this occasion. No matter, though--the Earth Dragons slowly found their footing and eked out a victory over the Gondoliers, whose smooth strokes (and snazzy outfits) weren't quite enough.

Las Vegas v Red Square
Mascots: Sinners v Embalmed Lenins

As the Embalmed Lenins learned all too well, the Sinners are a tough team to read. Cool and calculating, they know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em; they know when to walk away and know when to run. The Embalmed Lenins were left lying lifeless, seeing tsars.

Angkor Wat v Times Square
Mascots: Dancin’ Asparas v Bright Lights

The real American Hustle? That would be Bright Lights, known for their skill and flash. The Dancin’ Asaparas were their usual splendorous selves, all timeless elegance, but they we no match for Times Square, who last night shot the lights out for an hour. [Topical! -Ed.]  

Dubai v Machu Picchu
Mascots: Shiny New Stuff v Altitudinous Alpacas

Known for their sheer height and innovative formations, the Shiny New Stuff are establishing a wide gulf between themselves and their challengers (although there are also quite a few whispers of scandal behind their sudden rise).  The Altitudinous Alpacas remained a mystery, Inca-trailing the whole way.

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  1. Love the recaps from the Cities & Squares & Markets Regional


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