12 October 2012

Upcoming Events -- Stop By and Say Hi

I'll be here and there in the coming weeks and months. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi. Free haiku if you mention this blog post! 

October 13th: Twin Cities Book Festival (3pm, Local Lit Lounge) 

October 16th: Meet Plan Go Twin Cities (REI Bloomington, doors at 6pm) 
(Come learn about how to make your long-term travel daydreams become a reality. I'm giving the keynote speech, and lots of smarter, better-traveled panelists will be dispensing valuable wisdom.)

November 17th & 18th: Miami Book Fair International (exact day/location TBA) 

December 1st: Common Good Books, Saint Paul (2pm)

December 8th-January 2nd: Enrichment Voyage (South/Central America)
(Oh, and if you want to come along on this cruise, I can get you a deal. Seriously. Drop me a line. I'll buy you a drink and we'll play shuffleboard with Sandra Day O'Connor.)


  1. I hope another meet and greet will be scheduled soon and this time, I hope to receive (if there is any) custom hats from 5 Wrong Turns a Day!

  2. Book authors should have this type of event annually, especially those who make children's books. It helps them to realize the real meaning of fiction.


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