16 March 2012

Coming soon to airwaves and bookstores near you

First, a Public Service Announcement: ONE WEEK left to enter the Galley Giveaway / Pimp My Postcard contest!

And now, this:

That's a box of books, the one I wrote, the one you can purchase at stores everywhere starting April 3rd. Two hundred seventy-two pages of retro-travel hilarity (with bonus Actual Insights and Intriguing History Lessons), all for the astonishingly low price of $15.

To hear some of those Actual Insights before reading the book, you can ...

Listen to me on Rudy Maxa's World (radio show) 
Tomorrow, Saturday, March 17th, at 9am Central (10am Eastern, 7am Pacific, 2pm GMT, etc.). We'll be talking about my book, my trip, and whatever else Mr. Maxa wants to throw at me. It'll be streaming live over here: http://rudymaxa.com/listen-live/. Or listen to it later on the show's podcast.

I'll be the first guest on the show, followed immediately by none other than Arthur Frommer (!).

And as long as I have this self-promotional megaphone in my hand ...

Come to a book event in April!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 7:00pm
At Honey in Nordeast Minneapolis
205 East Hennepin Avenue (below Ginger Hop). Map.

Book tour info below the launch party flyer. 

April 5 at time TBA at Third Place Books
Portland: April 9 at 7:30pm at Powell's on Hawthorne
Bay Area: April 10 at 7pm at Books Inc in Berkeley
Boston: April 17 at 7pm at Harvard Coop
New York (Brooklyn): April 18 at time TBA at powerHouse Books
Washington, DC: April 20 at time TBA at Hill's Kitchen

For all more info and updates, keep an eye on the Events page of my newly-revamped web site, www.fivewrongturns.com, or visit the book Facebook page (and, you know, click on the little "like" button if you're so inclined).

All events are free. All events will be awesome. (Seriously. They will NOT merely involve me standing at a podium and reading sullenly. I've been to those sorts of readings. They're not fun for anyone.) I've got some tricks up my sleeve, tricks involving postcards and not-so-flattering slide shows and audience participation of the benign-and-actually-fun variety. Hilarity. Wanderlust. Good old-fashioned literary fun. 

Come on down. Heckle. Get a book signed. Tell me you read this blog post and I'll compose a haiku for you on the spot (seriously--try me). Hope to see you there. 


  1. I read it. Woooooooooo!!!!

  2. Nice interview on Maxa's program! For those who want to listen to the podcast, it's the first half of his March 17th show. You can skip to the 12th minute or so, which is where Maxa brings Doug on. Definitely stick it out to hear Frommer, though.


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