28 February 2012

Advance copy giveaway: send me your coolest postcard

Pimp my postcard! Artify my aerogram! (I'm a writer, I can make words up.) Announcing the Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day Galley-Giveaway Contest. (E5WTDGGC.) 

UPDATE: I'll accept postcards I get through the weekend. Just 'cause I'm nice. If I get it by Monday, March 26th, you're in. 

Send me the coolest postcard or letter you can dream up. The most awesome one, as judged by yours truly, will win this priceless item:

Why's it valuable?

  1. It's a highly entertaining and slyly informative travel memoir that will surely make you a better person just by holding it. Sweet! 
  2. It's a special, limited-edition galley (advance copy), with a sprinkling of special, limited-edition typos that don't appear in the final edition of the book--errors that surely make this advance copy all the more valuable, like those stamps with the upside-down airplane. Added bonus:It gives you blackmail material against me, if you can find that one really embarrassing typo. Awesome!
  3. I'll send it to you before the official copies go on sale. Bragging rights! 
  4. I'll sign it just for you, and mail it with my very own hands. ¡Excelente!
  5. It was in said hands when I high-fived Mary Tyler Moore. 
But wait! Yeah. There's more. The winner will also get a handful of Commentary Track Bookmarks (there are some examples over on the book web site), so that you'll not only see my typos but get some behind-the-scenes comments and notes. You'll have greater insight into the book than anyone else. Even Mary Tyler Moore. 

So what's the contest?
Simple: send me the craziest, coolest, most intriguing postcard or aerogram I've ever seen. Maybe it's cool because it tells an amazing story. Maybe it's covered in drawings or it's folded into aero-origami. Be creative. The winner is the one that I deem the most awesome. 

Pimp my postcard, artify my aerogram, put something cool in my mailbox. Kind of like this, except I know you can do about a thousand times better:

  1. Letters/postcards/aerograms only. No packages, please.
  2. Send it to:
    Doug Mack
    PO Box 1922
    Minneapolis, MN (USA)
  3. I must receive it by March 22, 2012. That gives you three weeks. Go.
  4. You can find an aerogram template here. Or, if that doesn't work for some reason, here's another one.
  5. Include some kind of contact info so that I can reach you if you win. I'll blur it if I post the postcard/aerogram on the blog.
  6. I'll send the book anywhere in the world, so if you're in another country and can get me a postcard/aerogram by the above date, go for it. 
  7. I reserve the right to post images of any and all entries on my blog. By entering the contest, you agree that I may do so. (The copyright is still yours, and I won't license or sell the image for profit or anything like that; you're just granting me the right to post the letter/postcard/aerogram on my blog.)
  8. Be awesome.

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  1. Typos!?! I Love Typos! Ok, not really, but it would make me feel SO much better to see someone else's. I must start planning a fantastical postcard...I wonder where my glitter is...


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