26 June 2011

I've got mail

As noted recently, as part of my campaign to bring back the handwritten letter/postcard/aerogram, I now have an official post office box. Write to me! And I'll write back and/or, if you don't mind, put your postcard here on the blog.

Like these wonderful pieces of correspondence, which were waiting for me when I did my inaugural mail run a few days ago. Thanks to the two mystery correspondents! 

First, a postcard (with an Eiffel Tower design on the front) from someone in San Francisco: 

And! This letter from none other than Oracle CEO Larry Ellison*:

* Or perhaps--just maybe--an imposter with a sense of humor and access to Oracle letterhead. 

Keep 'em coming, please! Postcards, fake CEO notes, silly tourist photos, aerograms (template! over! here!), pastry tips, anything you've got! Long live the handwritten letter.

Doug Mack
PO Box 1922
Minneapolis, MN 55458-1922


  1. We only get to see one side of the postcards?

  2. Good question, Anon. I didn't want to get into any copyright issues ... but I suppose it kind of defeats the entire point of showing off the postcard if you don't get to see the front. So I'll scan it and update this post!


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