23 January 2011

The package tour of the road less travel, part II

Everything this blog (and my book) is not, Exhibit A, from the Times:

In India, Luxury Arrives in a Himalayan Haven

THE little boy in the maroon robe had me at “JulĂ©.” As his friends flitted about pouring yak-butter tea into tourists’ bowls, he limped toward the back of the windowless Thiksey monastery’s prayer hall, heavy copper pot trailing behind him. He offered a small serving of the creamy broth, a flash of Chiclet-like baby teeth and that Ladakhi greeting. Then he slipped back into his row and began to sway to the rhythm of the surrounding chants.

... The journey we took was a half-week of walking and driving for $515 per person per night, starting in Leh and meandering to Stok and Nimoo — towns separated by death-defying overpasses and landslide-scarred valley walls. It promised all the exoticism of Tibet with all the grand service of Raj India.
So. Where to begin? Or perhaps I'll just let this speak for itself as I stare in slack-jawed amazement, especially at that last sentence above.

Have at it in the comments, if you like.

(Via my friend Arijit.)


  1. Wow! That is awful. If only you could bring home your own little servant boy. If only...

  2. If I get to 66 degrees north, I am going to flaunt it. On the other hand.. .it does drive me crazy--no, you DO NOT have to go there to that special remote place. Especially where the monarchs go in winter, the Galapagos and the Antartic. For extended family unity, I will stop there. posted as anon but I am the vigil auntie


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