19 January 2011

Guidebooks vs. the internet, part 9829

From Sunday's New York Times:
Narrowing the Choices, Online

When it comes to planning a vacation, travelers can either spend hours online figuring out where to go, which flights and hotels to book, and what to do when they get there, or they can call a travel agent to figure it out for them. Now, a new breed of members-only Web sites is offering something in between.

Call it the curated search. These hybrid sites aim to eliminate much of the annoyance of online trip planning by winnowing the selection of hotels and destinations to an edited list, which has been vetted to appeal to the sensibilities of affluent travelers
Gosh, what a concept! You know what would be even better? If they printed those recommendations and compiled them into a dead-tree edition! But "curated search" is kind of a mouthful. Let's come up with a new name.

Call it ... a guidebook.


  1. You've stumbled onto one of my favorite NY Times tropes: the "discovery" of a new! interesting! fascinating! concept, that they are so! eager! to break the news of. And then when you think about it, it turns out to be coffee. Or pie (seriously, ask Dara). Or a guidebook.

  2. I found your blog and see that you are fond of both traveling to Seattle and fond of finding the ideal chocolate croissant. A perfect combination of the two: The Monkey Tree Cafe on Vashon Island. I promise: your quest will be over!

  3. Whoa! Thanks, Rebecca--that is very useful and important information! The internet informs me that they also have croissant French toast. I am strongly considering booking a plane ticket right now.


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