09 April 2012

Scenes from a book launch party (+ the reviews are in!)

And then one day you wake up and realize that you have not only written a book but the book is now available everywhere and is, like, official, which makes you a real, legit author.

Oh. Man. 

So. The book is here, as of April 3rd! (Available everywhere, including IndieBoundmy favorite indie storesAmazon, and B&N ... just sayin'.) And various people have been saying various nice things about it. Like:

“An amusing and a wonderful read.” - Arthur Frommer
(on the radio show Rudy Maxa's World; listen to his full glowing review here.)

“Refreshing in its intelligence, candor, good-humored self-deprecation, and insightful redemption of the much-maligned tourist, Mack’s account is a trail-reblazing testament to the transformative power of travel in the modern world, and to the enduring richness of those well-trod places where authenticity, history, culture, and fame compose their own never-ending narratives.”
- National Geographic Traveler

“A genial companion for the armchair traveler.”  - Kirkus Reviews

For more coverage, including yours truly on Minnesota Public Radio, my television debut on KARE 11, and interviews in the Detroit Free Press, MSNBC.com, World Hum, and various other places, check out the Press & Praise section of the book site.

And I had a book launch party! Nearly two hundred people (!!) packed into Honey in Northeast Minneapolis. I read a scene about being stalked by creepy Mozart-costumed guys in Vienna and then did an authentic old-school slide show. All while wearing that seersucker suit you may have seen in my book trailer. Photos by my pal career break guru Kirk Horsted

Despite what it looks like, I am not rapping in this photo, I am about to start a slide show.
Question for discussion, though: Should my rapper stage name be D-Mack or Seersucka? Please advise.

With the esteemed Leif Pettersen, travel writer extraordinaire and behind-the-scenes wrangler who kept me sane (and sober). 

Presenting my slide show, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Tourist."
Twenty-four slides in six minutes flat.

Signing in seersucker, with a mint julep (thanks, Andrew!) to keep me company.
Photo by my friend Karly, who also provided this caption: "His drink matched his suit. Classic."


  1. D-Mack. "Seersucka" should be the first album.

    That was a good time, btw.

  2. I disagree with lj, there. I like Seersucka for the rapper name. Or maybe DJ Seersucka, for a more formal title. First album, "My Book be Bitchin.'"

  3. Some people claim to enjoy writing, but I like most "having written".


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