15 July 2011

Eight reactions to getting galleys from your publisher

1. Initial anticipation
The UPS guy delivers a large parcel for you. From Penguin. Admire the packaging. Never before has bubble wrap looked, to your eyes, so much like a Fabergé Egg. (What, you don’t see it?) But now the anticipation is killing you—stop gazing and open the dang thing already.  

2. Wild-eyed, kid-on-Christmas-morning glee
Get a knife. Slice carefully, trying very hard, in your shaky-handed giddiness, not to lop off a finger—or, worse, even slightly knick those precious, precious galleys.

3. Cinematic moment of discovery and triumph
Open the bubble wrap and pull out a galley like Indiana Jones unearthing an ancient, possibly-magical relic. Listen for the John Williams soundtrack soaring in the background.


4. Savor
Stare. For a good long time.


5. High-five Mary Tyler Moore.

6. A Toast!
Introduce your new friend Galley to your dear old pal Vintage Frommer’s Guidebook, the book your book is basically all about. Buy them each a drink. Let the conversation flow.

7. Back To Work
Realize you still have to review the galleys and make some last-minute updates and corrections and fix that one really awkward paragraph that has been confounding you for months.

8. Share the Moment
Also realize you should remind people of some important info, because after all that work, you think you've actually maybe done an okay-pretty-good job (especially once that paragraph is fixed) and it would really be pretty sweet if people, you know, actually bought it, read it, enjoyed it.

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  1. Absolute kewl beans!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :))))

    "Europe on 5 Wrongs Turns a Day"-- hmm, sounds like when I was going to Ljubljana and ended up in Zagreb... haha!

  2. SO exciting! Congrats, Doug. #5 is my favorite.

  3. That is a slick looking book. The dude on the cover looks so touristy.

  4. This is awesome! Pre-ordering now!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm pretty excited....

    @Eva--Ha, yeah, I figured I had to get a cheesy tourist picture with the book, and MTM seemed to fit the bill. Florence has "David"; we have Mary Tyler Moore. Same thing, basically.

  6. Nice work. It's great to see you so clearly excited about it. I know I would be.

    I also see you've kept up the black sock approach to fashion, so as to be indistinguishable from an Italian. So the grand tour was life chaning in more ways than one. :)

  7. Anthony, you win the Alert and Loyal Reader Award! Well done. :) I'm kind of amazed--but completely delighted--that you remember that post about black socks, since that's going back quite a bit!

  8. Recently found your blog and enjoyed the posts very much. Congrats on the book; looking forward to reading it.
    BTW, currently in Madrid and just had a very good chocolate croissant at www.cosmenykeiless.com.

  9. Thanks, Kit! And I will *definitely* check out that chocolate croissant next time I'm in Madrid. This is important information!


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