02 August 2010

Quote of the Day: The American Dream in three objects: the pill, the card, the book

"It's no accident that Arthur Frommer, the Pill, and credit cards are simultaneous phenomena. Everybody deserves everything. You only live once. Screwing for everybody and Europe for everybody too. This is the egalitarian key to a proper understanding of Europe on Five Dollars a Day."

-- Stanley Elkin, “The World On $5 a Day.” Harper's Magazine, July 1972.

1 comment:

  1. We had no credit cards for our 1967 "Europe on $5 a Day" trip but my future in-laws used some nifty Am Ex deal to gift us with a fancy dinner in Paris. It was at the end of our trip and a welcome change from bread and cheese.

    from Puffinwoman


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