22 March 2010

Not-So-Flattering Views of Famous Places: Venice

Oh, sure, it looks pretty enough in the photo. Delightfully historic buildings. Placid canal. Ornate wrought iron railing on the bridge adding some visual contrast to the surrounding rectilinear forms. The bright blue of the gondola catching your eye, a delightfully dissonant counterpoint to the yellow/beige of the buildings. ... The Hard Rock Cafe in the background.

Yep. Hard Rock Cafe. This is one of those rare not-so-flattering photos where it's the details, not the broader shot, that makes it all the less flattering.  Here's the close-up:


  1. That's funny (sad?). I saw the same thing when I was in Munich a few years ago. Step out of the Hofbräuhaus having had a tasty beverage and right across the way is a Hard Rock Cafe.

  2. Yep, I saw the place across the street from Hofbräuhaus, too. According to my (1963) guidebook, it was a famous beer hall (at that time). One of the restaurants I tried to find in Copenhagen had also been replaced by a Hard Rock Cafe.

    Also of note: Hofbräuhaus now has an outlet in Las Vegas. So maybe it's the new Hard Rock?


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